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  looking for A  FRENCH ARTIST :    Chris Guerin

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Looking for a French Artist?     

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                                         Originally from Saint Paul de Vence in the South of France, a village well known all over the world where many artists love to meet each other. 

He assembles, disassembles, cuts into pieces, glues and paints to create spectacular lines which people either adore or are shocked by. 

A collection of oil and acrylic paintings with people who are painting on the ladder.

Meeting with the future…….                                                                                                    Permanently searching for design, Christian Guerin, enlightened artist since 25 years, has assembled hundreds of objects, made of different textures, either metal, wood, ceramic, or plastic, copper, bronze, painting , anywhere while racing around the 4 corners of the world, he meets well known talented artists or simply unknown artists and together they create unique objets,taking into consideration the inspiration of the moment.

​Futuristic, thanks to the help of other artists, starting from sketches, he made a collection of “functional sculptures” as he loves to name them ; tables, chairs, stools,painting, or whatever the enlightened amateur shall find happiness in creating.